The Concept of Mindfulness in Mind Body Healing



Lisa A. Post is a respected Medford, New Jersey, entrepreneur who guides Edward J Post Co, Inc., and provides construction clients with a host of surety bond services. For New Years, 2016, Lisa A. Post travelled from Medford to Costa Rica and spent a week doing yoga and taking MindBody Healing sessions that enabled the therapeutic movement of energy through the body.

One of the core concepts of MindBody Healing involves the practice of “mindfulness,” or paying close attention to the present moment. Rather than allowing the mind to wander or getting caught up in distracting external pressures, focus is centered on immediate aspects of life. Thoughts that pass through the mind are connected with breathing and meditation, and a sense of concentrated alertness achieved.

Mindfulness training is associated with lower levels of stress-related inflammation, and has been shown to be effective in handling chronic issues such as asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. The work of Ms. Post is designed to continue the healing process beyond the therapy session.