Yoga to Help Your Golf Swing

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Lisa Post has served as the owner and president of surety bond business Edward J. Post Company, Inc. since 1988. A graduate of the University of Missouri’s Health Education program, Lisa Post continues to practice an active lifestyle – she is an avid golfer and yoga practitioner.

Known to increase flexibility and range of motion, yoga can help improve your golf swing and overall performance on the course. Different yoga poses, such as the revolved crescent lunge and the Ardha Matsyendrasana, improve core strength and develop stronger trunk muscles which results in less low back strain during your swing.

Yoga also teaches its practitioners to be ever-present in the moment, while maintaining a calm and focused mind. Katherine Roberts believes this to be a huge benefit for golfers, which is why she developed the Yoga for Golfers program. The main focus of the program is utilizing proper breathing techniques to allow the golfer to achieve focus and relaxation, while at the same time developing longer, straighter drives through increased body symmetry and balance.


A Decade of Armed Forces Freedom Rides

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Armed Forces Freedom Ride

A former member of the armed forces and elected official, Lisa Post currently serves as president and owner of the Edward J. Post Company, Inc., a New Jersey-based surety bond company. Lisa Post is the treasurer for the Burlington County Military Affairs Committee (BMAC) and an active supporter of its many events, including the Armed Forces Freedom Ride.

The first Armed Forces Freedom Ride took place in 2007, and the event has raised more than $300,000 since its inception, with proceeds divided between BMAC and the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. Beginning at Barb’s Harley-Davidson in Mount Ephraim, New Jersey, the 1,000-plus riders are led by law enforcement and military vehicles under a giant American flag, which is suspended from ladders of area fire trucks. The ride generally takes about one-and-a-half hours and is followed by a festival featuring food, music, vendors, and sporting activities.

The 2016 Armed Forces Freedom Ride was held on May 22 and featured alumni from the Philadelphia Flyers, US Congressman and former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Jon Runyan, and several active duty military members from McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Joint Base, which is where the ride finishes.

Three Top-Grossing Broadway Shows

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Beauty and the Beast

Lisa Post established a career in the construction industry by providing contractors with their surety bond needs. She serves as an active figure in the industry by participating in various associations, including the Association Building Contractors – New Jersey and the Philadelphia Surety Association. In her leisure time, Lisa Post prefers to attend Broadway shows with her friends.

Some of the biggest Broadway shows have not only earned praise from critics, but also from the audience. With astounding ticket sales, here are some of Broadway’s top-grossing productions:

Beauty and the Beast – This popular musical is based on Disney’s animated film of the same title, released in 1991. With a total 5,461 performances, Beauty and the Beast gross ticket sales are estimated at $429.2 million.

Wicked – With ticket sales almost reaching the $900 million mark, Wicked tells the story of two witches: The Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch. Wicked has been performed 2,718 times since it first opened on October 30, 2003.

The Lion King – Another production based on a Disney animation, The Lion King earned over $1.1 billion as of 2015. With six Tony Awards including Best Musical, this production integrates choreography and puppetry to retell the story of a young African lion prince.

Common Types of Yoga Injuries and How to Prevent Them

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Yoga Injuries

A graduate of the University of Missouri, Lisa A. Post leads the Edward J. Post Company, Inc., in Medford, New Jersey as owner and president. Under her leadership, the company provides the construction industry with surety bonds. In her free time, Lisa A. Post of Medford practices yoga. Although much of her focus is on Bikram yoga, she practices several different types.

Yoga injuries can occur anywhere in the body due to the variety of poses practitioners engage in. The joints are especially at risk, because they frequently balance a practitioner’s full body weight, depending on the particular pose being performed. The wrists, elbows, knees, and shoulders are all common areas that regular yoga practitioners experience pain in. Further, the ribs can be injured during twisting poses, particularly when done with incorrect form, while the hamstrings and hips can be easily overstretched. Practitioners who experience any discomfort during their regular sessions should avoid pushing themselves too far. This may mean not fully completing a pose.

To prevent these common yoga injuries, practitioners need to simply correct their form and avoid overstretching. When a muscle is overstretched, the tissues start losing their elasticity. This makes various poses more difficult.

Practitioners need to remember that, while there is good form, there are not perfect poses. Rather than trying to match what another is doing, they should do what their own body can safely handle. It’s important not to advance in level too quickly, and to recognize that it is not shameful to use props when needed.