An Overview of Golf Match Play and Stroke Play

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Lisa A. Post is the president and owner of the Edward J. Post Co., Inc., in Medford, New Jersey. Beyond her activities as a business owner and surety bond producer, Lisa A. Post enjoys golfing at the Medford Village Country Club.

Amateur golfers can compete against one another in a variety of ways, though two of the more common styles of play include stroke play and match play. Stroke play is golf in its purest form. Two or more players contest a series of holes, generally nine or 18, and record the number of strokes they took to complete each hole. Players may need to record additional strokes due to hazard penalties or other infractions. After the final hole has been played, golfers tally their stroke total; the player with the fewest strokes wins the round.

Match play also emphasizes a player or team attempting to record the fewest number of strokes. However, stroke tallies do not carry over from hole to hole in match play. The winning golfer or team of golfers after one hole is awarded a single point.

At the start of the second hole, stroke totals reset and players compete for another point. In the event of a tie, players are either awarded zero points for the hole and move on, or roll the point from one hole to another, increasing the subsequent hole’s value to two points.


The Concept of Mindfulness in Mind Body Healing



Lisa A. Post is a respected Medford, New Jersey, entrepreneur who guides Edward J Post Co, Inc., and provides construction clients with a host of surety bond services. For New Years, 2016, Lisa A. Post travelled from Medford to Costa Rica and spent a week doing yoga and taking MindBody Healing sessions that enabled the therapeutic movement of energy through the body.

One of the core concepts of MindBody Healing involves the practice of “mindfulness,” or paying close attention to the present moment. Rather than allowing the mind to wander or getting caught up in distracting external pressures, focus is centered on immediate aspects of life. Thoughts that pass through the mind are connected with breathing and meditation, and a sense of concentrated alertness achieved.

Mindfulness training is associated with lower levels of stress-related inflammation, and has been shown to be effective in handling chronic issues such as asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. The work of Ms. Post is designed to continue the healing process beyond the therapy session.

Costa Rica’s Ancient Guayabo Culture

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Costa Rica

The owner and president of Edward J. Post Co., Inc., in Medford, New Jersey, Lisa A. Post guides a firm that provides construction industry clients with surety bond relationships. An avid traveler, Lisa A. Post most recently visited Costa Rica on vacation from Medford.

Best known for its diverse flora and fauna as well as its marine life, Costa Rica also has a lengthy history of human settlement that is highlighted at Guayabo National Monument. Set within lush rainforest on the slopes of Turrialba Volcano, the park encompasses pre-Columbian ruins that date back 3,000 years and have housed approximately 10,000 inhabitants.

The ancient city was discovered by University of Costa Rica archeologist Carlos Aguilar Piedra in the late 1960s. Stumbling across stone foundations, he initiated a clearing and excavation process that ultimately revealed three aqueducts, several paths and roadways, and 43 stone foundations. In addition, stone tombs were found that contained remains dating from 1000 B.C. to 1400 A.D. Guayabo maintains many of its secrets to this day, with the culture undocumented and the reasons for its disappearance unknown.