Membership in the 200 Club of Burlington County

200 Club of Burlington County pic
200 Club of Burlington County

The owner and president of New Jersey-based Edward J. Post Company, Inc, Lisa Post is a surety bond professional with over 28 years of experience in the field. Lisa Post began her career in 1973 in the military when she enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps. Holder of an MS in health administration, she was later promoted to 2nd Lt. by direct commission in the Medical Service Corp. Outside of her professional life, she is involved in social activities and is one of the executive board members of the 200 Club of Burlington County.

The 200 Club of Burlington County is a non-profit organization based in New Jersey. Founded in 1990, the prime mission of the club is to help the injured or fallen members of the state, county, and municipal police and fire and emergency medics and their families by providing them with assistance and support. The organization also honors public safety professionals through performance awards, advanced training awards, and scholarships.

Anyone interested in supporting this volunteer-based mission is welcome to join. However, the membership must be approved by the 200 Club of Burlington County board of trustees. New members are asked to pay $200 for their membership in the first year and $100 each subsequent year. In the case of corporate members, corporations pay $1000 for the initial membership and $500 annually thereafter. The membership fees are tax deductible.


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