Yoga to Help Your Golf Swing

Yoga pic

Lisa Post has served as the owner and president of surety bond business Edward J. Post Company, Inc. since 1988. A graduate of the University of Missouri’s Health Education program, Lisa Post continues to practice an active lifestyle – she is an avid golfer and yoga practitioner.

Known to increase flexibility and range of motion, yoga can help improve your golf swing and overall performance on the course. Different yoga poses, such as the revolved crescent lunge and the Ardha Matsyendrasana, improve core strength and develop stronger trunk muscles which results in less low back strain during your swing.

Yoga also teaches its practitioners to be ever-present in the moment, while maintaining a calm and focused mind. Katherine Roberts believes this to be a huge benefit for golfers, which is why she developed the Yoga for Golfers program. The main focus of the program is utilizing proper breathing techniques to allow the golfer to achieve focus and relaxation, while at the same time developing longer, straighter drives through increased body symmetry and balance.


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