Three Yoga Retreat Spots in Bali



Lisa Post, former instructor at the Regional Alliance for Small Contractors, runs a surety bond agency catering to the construction industry. Despite her busy schedule, Lisa Post finds time to travel and unwind. A recent trip took her to Bali for a private yoga retreat.

Bali is home to many yoga retreats for travelers seeking a meditative vacation. Some of these yoga retreats include:

Naya Ubud – Famous for its river views and bamboo groves, Naya Ubud is equipped with a yoga shala, a Balinese pavilion where yoga classes and meditation are held. Yoga enthusiasts come to this place not only for soul-soothing retreat, but also to learn and become instructors of Kundalini Yoga.

Om Ham Retreat – For those seeking affordable prices, Om Ham Retreat offers a 13-night program featuring Kundalini Tantra yoga classes and deep meditation sessions. Guests can also relax with the spa treatment sessions offered at this retreat house.

Serenity Yoga Lembongan – Located in a seaside setting, the Serenity Yoga Lembongan is a favorite retreat spot for sun and sea worshippers. Guests can often be seen practicing paddle board yoga, and attending unlimited yoga classes featuring a variety of styles, including vinyasa and aerial yoga.

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