The Biggest Loser Resort Promotes Complete Wellness

Biggest Loser Resort  pic
Biggest Loser Resort

Surety bond producer Lisa Post serves at the helm of the Edward J. Post Company in New Jersey. In this capacity, she oversees the company’s operations as it provides surety bonds to the construction industry. In her free time, Lisa Post maintains a healthy lifestyle and she recently participated in the Biggest Loser Resort at Beaver Hollow Conference Center in New York.

The Biggest Loser Resorts are available at a few locations around the United States, but they all feature programs built on the idea of improving overall well-being instead of just exercising. Focusing on the five main pillars of nutrition, fitness, relaxation, education, and group camaraderie, the resort program lasts for one week and starts as soon as participants arrive. Upon check-in, guests receive a workbook detailing the program’s methods and activities, along with a schedule of meals and events. Guests then unpack and are given a fitness assessment and facility tour.

As part of the Biggest Loser Resort’s attempt to cover all five of its wellness pillars, participants enjoy a huge variety of activities. For fitness, guests may participate in everything from dancing and spinning to kickboxing and outdoor hiking. Meanwhile, nutrition ensures guests get three meals every day, education helps guests learn about nutrition fundamentals and body rejuvenation, and relaxation grants guests time to meditate and enjoy spa treatments. Through all of these, a strong group camaraderie is being formed, and participants are encouraged to seek support in others.

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