When to Visit Costa Rica


Costa Rica
Costa Rica

The president and owner of surety bond producer Edward J. Post Company, Inc., Lisa Post is an avid traveler. Having previously been to Bali and Bermuda, she spent the 2016 New Year in Costa Rica. While in Costa Rica, Lisa Post spent a week enjoying excursions, yoga sessions, organic meals, and spa therapies.

Costa Rica’s peak tourist season runs from December to April. During this time, the country experiences its dry season. It sees less than 2 inches of rain throughout this season and welcomes temperatures that average in the mid- to high 70s. The good weather makes these months perfect for exploring the rainforests or enjoying time on the beach. There are plenty of festivals held during these months, as well. For individuals planning a visit during December through April, reservations must be made several months ahead of time.

From May to November, Costa Rica has its rainy season, also known as its green season. Average rainfall jumps up to around 10 inches most months, but temperatures still hover in the high 70s in most areas. Most days are accompanied by rain in the afternoon, despite having sunny mornings. Further, any areas with unpaved roads become significantly more difficult to pass through, so visiting remote locations during these months is often avoided. Crowds and accommodation costs are lower during the rainy season, though, July and August’s brief respite from heavy rains brings in more tourists and higher prices.

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