Common Types of Yoga Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Yoga Injuries pic
Yoga Injuries

A graduate of the University of Missouri, Lisa A. Post leads the Edward J. Post Company, Inc., in Medford, New Jersey as owner and president. Under her leadership, the company provides the construction industry with surety bonds. In her free time, Lisa A. Post of Medford practices yoga. Although much of her focus is on Bikram yoga, she practices several different types.

Yoga injuries can occur anywhere in the body due to the variety of poses practitioners engage in. The joints are especially at risk, because they frequently balance a practitioner’s full body weight, depending on the particular pose being performed. The wrists, elbows, knees, and shoulders are all common areas that regular yoga practitioners experience pain in. Further, the ribs can be injured during twisting poses, particularly when done with incorrect form, while the hamstrings and hips can be easily overstretched. Practitioners who experience any discomfort during their regular sessions should avoid pushing themselves too far. This may mean not fully completing a pose.

To prevent these common yoga injuries, practitioners need to simply correct their form and avoid overstretching. When a muscle is overstretched, the tissues start losing their elasticity. This makes various poses more difficult.

Practitioners need to remember that, while there is good form, there are not perfect poses. Rather than trying to match what another is doing, they should do what their own body can safely handle. It’s important not to advance in level too quickly, and to recognize that it is not shameful to use props when needed.

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