Key Concepts for Golf Beginners

Golf Beginners pic
Golf Beginners

Lisa A. Post is the president and owner of Edward J. Post Company, Inc., in Medford, New Jersey. Outside her career as a business owner and surety bond producer, Lisa A. Post is an avid golfer and frequently plays at the Medford Village Country Club.

Beginning golfers can sometimes struggle to get up to speed simply understanding the basics of the game, and what it takes to be competent at the sport. With that in mind, here are two fundamental concepts that those new to the game should keep in mind.

Many new golfers believe that rotating or twisting their back, effectively turning it, will generate more power in their swings, and in turn this will generate more distance. In reality, it’s the acceleration of the club through the swing that generates distance, and that acceleration is best generated in a fluid swing. Twisting the back brings the golfer out of the swing plane, which then means he or she will likely be thrown off balance on the downswing in the attempt to return the upper body back into the plane.

Also related to acceleration, many beginners fall into the trap of trying to scoop the golf ball rather than swing through it. In doing this, they invariably decelerate their swings, which will translate into less distance on the shot. It is the loft of each of the individual clubs that determines the trajectory of the ball. The finish also a key component of the swing, and swinging through the ball, rather than under it, leads to a better finish, and importantly, not just more distance but also greater accuracy.

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