Costa Rica’s Ancient Guayabo Culture

Costa Rica pic
Costa Rica

The owner and president of Edward J. Post Co., Inc., in Medford, New Jersey, Lisa A. Post guides a firm that provides construction industry clients with surety bond relationships. An avid traveler, Lisa A. Post most recently visited Costa Rica on vacation from Medford.

Best known for its diverse flora and fauna as well as its marine life, Costa Rica also has a lengthy history of human settlement that is highlighted at Guayabo National Monument. Set within lush rainforest on the slopes of Turrialba Volcano, the park encompasses pre-Columbian ruins that date back 3,000 years and have housed approximately 10,000 inhabitants.

The ancient city was discovered by University of Costa Rica archeologist Carlos Aguilar Piedra in the late 1960s. Stumbling across stone foundations, he initiated a clearing and excavation process that ultimately revealed three aqueducts, several paths and roadways, and 43 stone foundations. In addition, stone tombs were found that contained remains dating from 1000 B.C. to 1400 A.D. Guayabo maintains many of its secrets to this day, with the culture undocumented and the reasons for its disappearance unknown.

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